Success Stories

“Dr. Leonardi and his staff had brought me ALONG way within the 6 almost 7 years I have been seeing him. I wouldn't trade him for another Dr for no reason whatsoever! His staff is caring and nice. I just love all of them.”

~Amy B.

“My husband has had acres of psoriasis all over his body for more than 10 years, none of the biologic's seemed to clear the psoriasis though they did relieve the crippling pain of arthritis. Since going to Dr. Leonardi the psoriasis is clearing. So here is the deal if you have significant life altering dermatology. Dr. Leonardi is the man that has the power.”

~Debra W.

“For psoriasis treatment, this is the only doctor you want to see. After suffering with this condition for years, Dr. Leonardi assessed the situation, offered different solutions and I have now been completely psoriasis free for 2 years. Other dermatologists I have seen were not qualified to administer biologics and immuno suppressants to actually cure my condition. They just offered useless creams and light treatments. I now have a Remicade infusion every 8 weeks by a very caring and competent staff.”

~Judy I.

I have severe chronic psoriasis and was sent to Leonardi after two different dermatologists exhausted all their resources and ran out of options for me. I was a miserable soul, covered almost head-to-toe with red plaques and flakes when I showed up in his office and his declaration that he would clear my skin one day gave me hope that I would one day get back to wearing things most people take for granted like shorts, dresses and bathing suits. He spent the next few years working relentlessly to clear my skin and he finally did it. He really is the expert on psoriasis and I believe he sees it as his mission to give psoriasis sufferers clear skin and a normal life… he gets the job done… if you're looking for psoriasis solutions then he comes with my highest recommendation.

~Heather B.

“I have often worked closely with Dr. Leonardi, and many other dermatologists, in a professional capacity for over 10 years. In my personal opinion, he is a brilliant physician-scientist who has consistently been among the most vocal, sincere advocates of compassion for patients. He works tirelessly in their interests, and his knowledge of his field is unsurpassed. His office environment has always impressed me as a reflection of his values: He invests himself more in excellent patient care than in ambiance, decor, his personal benefit, etc. Also, I have never seen Dr Leonardi compromise his integrity for any reason. Furthermore, I believe he prioritizes honest and direct communication over softer (but perhaps less clear) diplomatic language. Sometimes, a choice between the two is necessary and important. Which do you value more? As such, his emphasis on honesty and directness should not be interpreted as representing a lack of compassion, but rather as a true reflection of it. Overall, I consider only a relatively small number of dermatologists around the world to be his peers. For these reasons, and more, my respect for Dr Leonardi is immense. If you value his qualities in a physician, I sincerely hope that yours will be, too.

~Stephen R.